AI Generated Voices

AI Generated Voices allow creators to bring their scripts to life effortlessly

AI-generated voices have transformed the landscape of audio content creation by offering an innovative solution to produce lifelike and customizable speech. In many ways, AI generated voices are at the heart of VideoSynth.ai.

Powered by advanced natural language processing algorithms, these voices mimic human speech with remarkable accuracy, seamlessly bridging the gap between technology and human expression. With the ability to customize tone, accent, and language, AI-generated voices offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for creating high-quality, customizable video narration content.

VideoSynth.ai integrates with 3 different AI voice generation services: Google DeepMind, Azure AI Speech and ElevenLabs. We give you the tools to choose the voice that works best for your project, allowing for speed and pitch control to provide you with even more options.

Google DeepMind can convert text to speech supporting over 220 voices in over 40 languages and has excellent out-of-the-box pronounciation and great SSML support.

Azure AI Speech can convert text to speech supporting over 400 voice options in more than 140 languages and locales. Additionally, it supports 2 voices (JennyMultilingual and RyanMultilingual) that have multilingual support to 41 languages and accents. Azure also has great SSML support with special style support on some voices.

ElevenLabs can convert text to speech in 28 languages and 70+ voices. Besides being excellent at producing naturally sounding speech, you use this only with your own account with ElevenLabs. This allows you to create custom voices. Since you need an ElevelLabs account to use them, we allow you to produce videos with no coins if only ElevenLabs voices are used.